EMPS Newsletter 2017/18 Sem 1 Wk 2

Welcome to the beautiful week 2!

Again, here’s the short version of updates, followed by the full version.


  1.  Meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm in LG.10 of DHT – Screenwriting & Storyboarding workshop
  2. New website is alive! www.emps.fun
  3. Tell us how’s your Consequences team doing!
  4. Welcome Week videos have been released
  5. Possible challenges deferral and minor membership issues
  6. Mail not showing images.

Long Version:

  1. Week 2’s meeting around the corner:

    What can you expect?
    – Updates on what happened lask week.
    – Reminder about next week’s EGM: What positions are there and how can you get involved with EMPS?
    – Consequences updates: Need help? Tips?
    – Scriptwriting and Storyboarding Workshop

    > What does a script looks like? What are its components and what are they good for? How should you think when writing a story? Why shouldn’t you rush it? How to get better at writing scripts?
    > What is storyboarding all about? Why is it important too? Do i really need it? What information can be encoded in it?

    So bring your stories, and we’ll teach you how to turn them into a film-worthy scripts!

  2. Our website is up and running again!

    Up-to-date info, links to our social media, equipment and hire form, and EMPS videos, and EMPS news. This all you’ll have access to via the website. And yes, it’s seriously called www.emps.fun! 0:)

  3. Do you need help with your Consequences video?

    How is your team? Any insights you’d like to share with others? There will be enough time for all of these.

  4. Video’s from the Welcome Week event have been uploaded

    Onto our YouTube Archive, if you haven’t seen them, definitely give them a look 😉

  5. Our small challenges were to begin this week.

    However, considering how many people are doing the Consequences competition, we do not wish to overload you guys! That’s why on our Wednesday’s meeting you (and others) will decide whether we’ll start them this week, or the other (after the Consequences competition).

    Also, health issues prevented us from submitting new members to EUSA, so if you are one of them, your member’s only newsletter with tips and resources will be delayed. Sorry! 🙁

  6. Mails not showing images.

If you are using Outlook (might be happening also in Gmail, not sure), chances are you need to approve our address to show you images in emails (there should be a notification above the email). Do that if you want to see our email in their full glory! :flex:

That’s all! As before, thank you for reading! 🙂 If there’s anything you’d like to tell us, or get involved with anything, let us know! And hopefully we’ll see each other on Wednesday!

Best regards,
Juro, EMPS President

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