EMPS Newsletter 2017/18 Sem 1 Wk 3

Weeeeeeeeeeeek 3!

Hi  🙂

As always, short version, followed by the full version.

1. Wednesday Meeting – Consequences, EGM and a Social!
2. Consequences reminder
3. Available positions for the committee
4. Constitution
5. Membership cards update
6. Challenges will start this week

1. Don’t forget to SEND US YOUR CONSEQUENCES SUBMISSIONS BEFORE 7PM, else your team will not be eligible for the prizes (we will still screen them).
2. Only paid members can vote and ONLY PAID MEMBERS CAN RUN FOR A COMMITTEE POSITION! 

Long Version:

1. Week 3’s meeting is getting closer:

What will we do this time? https://www.facebook.com/events/121101091914168/

  • Updates on what happened over the last week.
  • Screening of the Consequences competition submissions & choosing the winners.
  • New challenge announcement!
  • EGM – Introduction, Roles, Structure
  • EGM – Voting for positions in committee
  • EGM – Constitution changes
  • EGM – Any other outstanding matters
  • And after we are done, we’ll go to the Whistle Stop Barber Shop (Where we have a 20% discount 0:) )

2. Consequences reminder

Reminder to send us your submissions, or bring them before 7 PM. We’ll be around already from 18:30 likely, but if you could not find us, message us up (ideally me (Juro), I should be there), or write onto the group.

Please, include your team’s name and the criteria in the beginning of the video.

– Don’t forget to format your video such that it is playable on most devices (eg uni computers and macs)
– Don’t forget to compress your exported video, so it can be manipulated reasonably well.
– We recommend exporting to .mp4, eg via the H.265 or H.264 codec. If you’re doing so, than even just 5 Mbps bitrate is more than you’ll need.

3. Available positions for the committee

As for the available positions, if you go to www.emps.fun/team or the bottom-left of https://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/societies/society/emps/ you’ll see the current positions we have now.

However, as I have mentioned a few times, if you have an idea for a new positions, or the current ones just don’t fit, let us know about your ideas!

These will have to be yet discussed with the rest of current committee tomorrow (Monday), but my proposal for the new positions is the following (names might change):

 – Brand Designer
– Webmaster/Archivist
– Events Officer
– Career Officer
– Sponsorship Officer
– Equipment Officer
– Social Secretary
– Producers (can be more than one)
– Ordinary Members (can be more than one)

What could they be about? (Now, don’t forget that the following are only suggestions, as you will see throughout the descriptions, it’s all about how proactive you want to be. And if you want, then there’s definitely a space to grow 🙂 )

 – Brand Designer
This will have to be decided on EGM, but personally I think our graphics need a bit of a kick. I wish for EMPS to have a recognisable and memorable presence. Logo, colour scheme, branding, leaflet/presentation/posters templates, website design, etc.. or even taking photos at events! If you are interested in any of these, and you have/want to learn the skills, this might be something for you.

 – Webmaster/archivist
Webmaster is the one that takes care of our online assets (EUSA page, website, YouTube). Archivist is the one that takes care of keeping and uploading newest EMPS videos onto our YouTube channel. However, if you’re interested in coding/web development (again, it’s more about interest than current skills), I can imagine you could help us automate some of the processes or make new features for the members (Calendar for equipment officer so they know what is rented when? Or a place on the website where people can upload their videos for consequences or 24hr? Or a members-only section of the web where all the useful resources will be store?).

 – Events Officer
As an events officer, you’d be our bread and butter (I hope I’m using this phrase right). You’d be doing what most members had an experience with so far, but you’ll be doing it probably better. Organising weekly meetings, competitions, or other events (eg if we get sb to give us a talk). Creating FB events, booking rooms, etc. And if you wanted, you could create your own event!

 – Career Officer
Some people join the society also to get help with going pro (or at least that was my intention when I joined). For those, it would be cool if we could procure internships, people from the industry to give talks, help people sell their skills. Or even organise a career’s fair for filmmaking? Edinburgh is a hotbed of creative heads, and there’s definitely something cool we could come up with!

 – Sponsorship Officer
I’d love for our society to be able to provide members like you with all the professional equipment that you could find on set (of course, 1 or 2 grades lower, so we can actually afford it 😀 ). University grants (like the IIG), or sponsorships from other organisations could help us with this. But also discounts for our members, or an opportunity from camera manufacturers to try out a new camera. Also these would be pretty dope!

 – Equipment Officer
Equipment officer takes care of our equipment, hires it out and keeps track of the hires, gets things repaired if necessary. Upside is that you are practically free to use the equipment because nobody can see you with it (of course, note it down anyway). Downside is that you’ll likely have to have it at your place. However, if you’d like to learn more about the gizmos, it’s definitely something to go for.

– Social Secretary
Oh, the fun! Sometimes I forget something like that exists. But when I don’t, I prefer to sit down with a cider and talk…. Anyway, Social secretary is something like the events officer, but for the laid-back events. Like the networking event was. But it can be anything really. Boardgames, trip somewhere out, sleepover. Whatever, if people are into it! Also, you could take care of our social media and give them a bit of life, if you’d be up to it!

 – Producers
Producers will be leaders for filmmaking projects. Each producer will have people in their team, and together they will be working on the films. Like the submission to competitions or festivals, that was mentioned last week? We could totally have a team for that! We will help you out with anything, it you’ll need any help, of course 😉

 – Ordinary Members
Ordinary member is a general helper. You don’t have any specific tasks, but if you’d like to help out others in the committee, that’s what you can totally do! More importantly, though, would be the help towards the members. Gather feedback, listen, and make sure that what we do, we do for the people.

Phew! Moving on!

4. Constitution

You can find our original constitution here (will start download), or here is an easier-to-read formatted version (google drive). Have a look at it, and if there’s something that you think should be changed, let us know (ideally BEFORE the meeting, so we can prepare for it)

5. Membership cards update

Unfortunately, membership cards likely won’t be ready for the meeting. Only yesterday I managed to process the design file (made it into vector version for better quality, also updated it a bit, but it has to be discussed yet). Since minimum amount of membership cards costs about £30 and takes 2 days, it truly is better to discuss it. (also, could be a task for the brand designer?)

6. Challenges will start this week

We’ll start our challenges! So if you’re already looking for more reasons to make films, your dreams will be fulfilled on Wednesday!

That’s all! As before, thank you for reading! 🙂 If there’s anything you’d like to tell us, or get involved with anything, let us know! And hopefully we’ll see each other on Wednesday!

Best regards,
Juro, EMPS President

Reflecting on Activities Fair 2017

This reflection is written mostly for future office bearers of EUSA societies. Activities Fair is THE WAY to get new people for the new academic year. Of course, the determined ones will find your soc anyway. However, many people want to learn more before committing to something like going to an event. And many will actually discover your soc this way.

Our goal:

Our goal was to attract new fresh people into our society. After turbulent two years, EMPS didn’t have much of active members left (+/- 8 active members left, 6 of those in the committee), and those left were not representative of the audience that is interested in filmmaking (committee was 6 guys, all with sciency focus, whereas Facebook page has roughly 50/50 m/f following from various schools). Therefore, encouraging new people to join us, and hopefully diversifying our group, was vital for new projects to be made, for allowing us to take a new look at the importance of filmmaking, and for finding new ways how to improve and be more inclusive as a society.

What went into preparations for Activities Fair:

Hours: 25-30 (among 3 people)

Money: around £30

For this, we’ve prepared the following:

  • EMPS Leaflets (around 120 total; all taken; 4 hr; £13) – Leaflets were describing what activities to expect, when will be meeting, what will people get for membership, and contact info. Most importantly, it’s something people could take home with them, and be reminded of our society once they were free.EMPS Activities Fair Leaflet
  • Lynda.com Leaflets (around 100 total; around 10 taken) – University offers free access to Lynda.com for students. Since those that are serious about learning and becoming professional in filmmaking might be interested in these, we’ve obtained the leaflets from the Main Library desk, who were promoting this opportunity too. Asking goes a long way.
  • uCreate Leaflets (around 100 total; around 5 taken) – Obtained them same way as Lynda.com leaflets. Reason I’ve taken them was that I remembered that uCreate computers were those that have all the creative software on them (video-editing, effects, etc), which could be of use to those that do not have access to the software otherwise.
  • Celebrations (= assorted sweets; 2 boxes total; £12) – Celebrations are kind of EMPS internal joke, always being at least one of the prizes for competitions. In terms of Activities Fair, it’s a nice gesture, it looks nice, and it’s a small help for hungry students or people at the stall. It’s better if anybody can take it, rather than restricting it to only those that buy membership/sign up.
  • Cameras – We are a filmmaking society, which means we should have equipment. Because the lack of equipment can be a major deterrent, showing people what we’ve got and letting them know that they can use it is crucial to encourage people to join. We’ve brought two cameras, tripod, and something more. However, the space is truly limited, so we’ve had only two cameras displayed, and the rest could have been kept at its storage place. And if you bring the equipment, make sure you’ve got somebody who knows something about it.
  • EMPS Trailer – We also wanted to show what was done in EMPS, hence a trailer made of all EMPS videos. Activities Fair is a busy place, so going without sound is better. We’ve also went for more visual things, so people would notice. This also turned out to be a great convo starter, esp. as we had our own vids mixed in too, so we could talk easily about those.
  • A1 Poster (£7 + bluetac; 4 hr;) – Poster was meant to cover the front of the stall we had. Great idea, worked (I think). Downside is that the poster was too tall. Since there’s been a lot of people, and thus people usually noticed the stall from 1-2m distance, the bottom part of the poster was impossible to read. Next time half the height would be better.EMPS Activities Fair Poster A1
  • Pen&Paper Signup – Email is likely the BEST way how to contact people (People might not see the page’s status on FB), so we wanted to get onto our mailing list all those that shown interest. Also, we wanted to make sure that if something happens to our laptops, people will still be able to sign up. For this reason, we’ve printed several signup sheets (for up to 250 people together). Columns were First name, Last name (these two for contacting purposes), UUN (EUSA required), Email (where people receive the newsletter), and Graduation date (so we can take into consideration what year people are in, when preparing events (eg 4th years are likely busier than freshers)).
  • Google Forms Singup – Same as above, but in digital form. We did not use it in the end because we had only one laptop and that played our trailer. But DO MAKE SURE you have a spare laptop for this. It will save you about 6 hours, and save you from the mistakes when copying emails (people do not always write nicely).
  • QR Signup – Same as above, but as a QR for those that want to use their phones. Unfortunately, QR scanners are not widely used, so this was not used eventually, but I recommend giving people one way or another a chance to sign up via phone too, so that they can do it easily and do not have to wait in line. (After the activities fair, we’ve implemented signup for into our website, so that could be used).
  • I prepared beans and small jars where people could vote for the things they’d like to do. This was a failure. DO NOT DO IT. (Google forms could be OK though)
    Too complicated, 2. Too much space taken (space better utilized by sweets or cameras), 3. People at activities fair are mostly just CONSIDERING whether to join. These people could vote and then never go to a meeting. Thus, it’s better if people at meetings already vote for what they’d like, as they are the ones that will be affected by the choice.

How did our Activities Fair go? Very well!

Signups: 220+

Memberships: 0

  • There’s loads of people, and the people themselves are probably tired from going from stall to stall. So instead of persuading them to become members, we’ve talked about what we offer and what are our plans for the semester. Since we’ve had our plan since about May, we knew what to talk about, and this helped greatly. It’s also important to find out why the person is interested in the society, so that we can meet their expectations if possible.
  • As we decided not to push membership, we didn’t get any members, but this way we probably opened up ourselves to more potentially interested people.
  • Our table was full (more so since guys next to us had almost nothing), so we think we’ve made the most out of what we’ve been given.
  • NOTE: Standing at the stall for 5 hr is long, esp. if it rains, so if you have somebody who can change shifts with you. Otherwise you’ll get hungry, you’ll get tired, and you won’t be as good in promoting the society as you could otherwise be.


All and all, I think we did the most of what we had. We were happy to learn about people’s desires (documentaries, competitions, learn the basics, etc.), which will help us tailor the experience for the members. The huge diversity among people that were interested was also beautiful to see, and combined with how many people signed up, I think we’ve successfully fulfilled our goal.

– Juro, EMPS President 2017/18

EMPS Newsletter 2017/18 Sem 1 Wk 1

Hi again!

Loads of updates ahead of us, so sit tight! (Or read the tl;dr version if you really must)


    1. First meeting on Wednesday at 7pm (location TBC)
    2. Consequences competition there too!
    3. Join this year’s EMPS Facebook group
    4. Membership for Welcome Week prices. Last chance on Wednesday.
    5. Networking Event on Wednesday after our meeting
    6. EUSA Page is working, our website is getting a rehaul.
    7. Thank you for being part of your Welcome Week experience.

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EMPS Newsletter 2017/18 Sem 1 Wk 2

Welcome to the beautiful week 2!

Again, here’s the short version of updates, followed by the full version.


  1.  Meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm in LG.10 of DHT – Screenwriting & Storyboarding workshop
  2. New website is alive! www.emps.fun
  3. Tell us how’s your Consequences team doing!
  4. Welcome Week videos have been released
  5. Possible challenges deferral and minor membership issues
  6. Mail not showing images.

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